Best Arena Run Yet: Hunter 11-3!

Last night I started this hunter deck in arena and it’s worked out pretty well so far. Tonight I finished the run with a score of 11-3!

Hunter 11-3 Arena Run: Deck Hunter 11-3 Arena Run: Key Hunter 11-3 Arena Run: Rewards Hunter 11-3 Arena Run: Pack

I didn’t originally think the deck was that good. I took a LOT of secrets and ended up taken a bunch of scavenging hyena’s which are not my favorite. It turns out however with so many secrets to protect them… they lived a lot :)

I was able to combo them with my one unleash the hounds, houndmaster and buzzard.

The last game of the series I lost due to the shaman mind control teching the right creature… if he didn’t do that I would have won.