The Disaster Artist

I probably want to right a longer post about The Room at some point… but for now I just want to mention that I finished The Disaster Artist and it was a GREAT read. As someone who was seriously interested in how this movie got made… this book delivers.

The narration is split into two stories. The first tells the story of how Greg Sestero (the author) meets Tommy Wiseau and the second describes the making of The Room from the night before the first day of shooting. Eventually the first story catches up to the second and the book ends. It’s an amazingly funny ride. Definitely watch the movie before reading the book (Otherwise a lot of things won’t make sense and won’t be nearly as funny as they should).

Later on I’ll make another post about why I think The Room succeeded as much as it did… there’s definitely something special about it despite how horrible it is. I’ve been thinking and taking notes on this… so I’ll put that into the blog in the future.