Current Cygwin Thoughts

After trying out Cygwin for a while at work I have decided that I will keep using it on any Windows machines that I need to program on. That being said I found Emacs’s performance is very lacking so I’m not 100% sure on which method I’ll use to run Emacs in Windows.


I love tmux… and using it is worth dealing with any weird Cygwin issues. Terminal performance is perfectly fine and all of my java programs work fine when running from Cygwin. Having a sane terminal is worth the slight awkwardness between the Cygwin environment and the normal Windows environment. Colors just work and my current home directory setup just works in cygwin much easier.

I haven’t had near as many programs with Cygwin as I’ve had in the past which is very nice. It’s really a weird performance issue which is the problem. I haven’t finished fully trying to solve these problems either. There might be a good solution to getting the Cygwin Emacs working (I am using the native gui version currently, and haven’t really tried a full X11 environment in Windows yet).

Future at Work

Luckily the web team is moving towards using Macbooks… so I won’t need to worry about this for much longer. I can not wait! :thumbsup: