Demon's Souls Mini-Review

I’ve only played the first level of Demon’s Souls so far but it’s very fun.

I started a Knight Templar and Caitlin started a Thief. Both play very differently and start with different gear / weapons. It’s very clear that the many pre-reviews of this game that talked about the weapon system being fun were pretty accurate.

So far the graphics have been great, the game play is great. The game IS HARD. You die a lot on your way to figuring out how to beat obstacles. I had to give in to some of my OCD and just realize that this was part of the game. The game is made with the idea that you WILL lose all of your souls multiple times while trying to play a level. In a sense the game can be thought of as a Japanese shooter in disguise. You practice and practice at the levels until your skill at the game improves and is able to play it flawlessly. It’s awesome!