Instant PhpBB3 Speed Improvements

Recently at work we’ve installed a php accelerator onto one of our php apps. We were having load problems on the box (Moodle installs) and the accelerator helped solve the problem. This got me thinking and I decided to install an accelerator on my Linode in order to speed up my World of Warcraft guild forums (a phpbb3 install)

After doing some reading I decided to try out Xcache. I don’t have ANY opinions on which accelerator is better (this isn’t the one we chose at work for Moodle). I chose this one for the SOLE reason that Debian Lenny had it in the repository. Installing it was DEAD simple:

sudo aptitude install php5-xcache

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Can’t get any simpler. Now my phpbb forum pages load INSTANTLY. It’s absolutely amazing and awesome.

This is making me want to move this blog over to the Linode very fast!