Blue Man Group and then Midatlantic!

So I finally got around to seeing Blue Man Group and I really enjoyed it. I did feel that some sections especially in the beginning were a tad slow. I would have liked to have seen more comedy or music in exchange for some of the drawn out segments. I did enjoy the show a lot however. It was a lot more on the “artsy” side than I originally though it would be. I enjoyed that aspect of it a lot. I felt it had a very nice my-first-artsy-theater-show ring to it.

After the Blue Man Show we ate some dinner at Pizza Pie-er before heading over to the Paradise Rock Club to see some co-workers perform in their band Midatlantic. I have seen them twice before (Once at Great Scott’s and once opening for Letter’s to Cleo at the Paradise as well) but this was my first time seeing them with a new drummer and new keyboard player (both co-workers of mine).

Their set was pretty tight. I do have to admit that I really like “Fly Me Home” off their first album (when they were stilled called “The Bleedin Bleedins”) and was disappointed to not hear it. It’s one of those songs where even after the show two nights ago, I left humming Fly Me Home instead of one of the songs performed. But enough about me loving pop hooks, their show was really good.

They have an interesting sound that relies on a lot of electronics. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed them is that guitarist Barry Kelly (fair warning: also a co-worker) doesn’t play guitar like most other bands I go see. His parts provide nice counter melodies and licks that work well with the vocal lines instead of providing a rhythmic base. They rely on their electronic parts (as well as bass) for that. Seeing them with a keyboard player was great cause it humanized that part of the show. While it has always been a great part of their sound, it can continue into a great part of their live show as well. It verged on the line of “backing track” before and now that feeling is gone (at least for me).

The new drummer is great and the band doesn’t sound like they’ve skipped a beat with any of these new changes. I liked all three new songs they performed so definitely excited to hear more material and see what ends up on a new album. Having seen the drummer (Rob Fusco) and keyboardist (John Mileham) in their previous bands I know what each can do and I’m excited to see what some of their influences bring to Midatlantic. I definitely wish I could see them over in Ireland later this year!