Scream 1, 2, 3, and VI

I watched Scream, Scream 2, and Scream 3 today before going to see Scream VI. Hopefully I’ll get to watch Scream 4 tomorrow!


Classic. Probably the best intro sequence to all of the films (with Jenna Ortega’s in Scream a close second). Love the campy jokes and the setup for the rest of the films. Definitely a recommend for anyone that likes slashers.

Scream 2

This clearly continues the meta-horror commentary that the first movie had. I enjoyed it and the performances and the sequal jokes. I can’t imagine that anyone who enjoyed the first movie would not enjoy this one. Definitely lays out more elements that will appear in later films (Stab, etc).

Lots of people getting shot and stabbed that end up living which is interesting. I didn’t like the random people getting killed in the beginning at the movie theater, that felt a bit off the mark compared to the other intros in the series.

Scream 3

I definitely didn’t end up caring at all about Cotton dying, so the intro was a bit… boring. I like the continuation of the “Stab” in-movie movie franchise.

Parker Posie was a very pleasent surprise. I’m excited to see more of her this month at the Frida Cinema as well! The Jay and Silent Bob cameo was also welcome. The Carrie Fisher cameo was also incredible.

Scream VI

So just left the threater after watching this. Great (and funny) intro with Samara Weaving. Nice meta references (Argento is mentioned!) and great horror references in a lot of the costumes that people are wearing during the movie. Nice motives in the end and great performances again from Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega (no surprises there based on the 5th movie).

It was a great time at the threater, I was laughing a lot and the kills were great. I really like this group of friends a lot and they all have great chemistry on screen. It’s exactly what I hoped the 6th Scream movie would be!