At work we’re look into different paas solutions including AWS elastic beanstalk and OpenShift. If anyone I know has experience with either (or others) please reach out and let me know!

So far I’m loving all of the research I’ve been doing on both the PaaS systems and Docker. Thinking of moving my hosted webapps to a container system using Docker since I’ve enjoyed using it at work so much. Last time I tried to learn about docker the VM system that it ran on OSX was very clunky so it didn’t feel like anything I would want to mess with (as a single hobby developer). Now it’s very snappy and the new VirtualBox VM they install and manage feels very nice. I haven’t had issues with it at all and response times for developing have been great.

I’m going to experiment a bit more with better Travis CI integration too. I want to look into other CI’s to see if Travis is still the best choice for me. Any experience anyone has with others (, shippable, etc) would be very helpful!

Shippable’s reliance on Docker seems very nifty and it’s probably the first one I’m going to really look into. It has support for the infrastructure that I’m most interested in. The one problem I currently see is that all of this will definitely be more money than my current Linode system is. I might start with dockerizing everything first (on my linode) and then seeing how easy (and costly it is) to spin everything up in Elastic Beanstalk. If anyone has thoughts on AWS’s hobby costs let me know!