Ideas for side projects

I wanted to jot down my ideas for projects that I could work on.

Dreaming In Lyrics

I still would like to work on a site meant for people to jot down lyric ideas for songs. It will use a system where you put numbers on top of syllables so that you can remember the beat. This is the system I used on note paper during high school and though it would make a cool web app.

Wasting Time

A tiny app to help you figure out what to do during free time. You put in a bunch of things that you would like to do. For example I would put in things like:

  • Practice Sc2
  • Rank up in Hearthstone
  • Work on Wasting Time
  • Learn about Firebase
  • Edit Kapit

And then I would let the app tell me what to work on. Once I do it will move that down the list so that it will suggest other items for me next time. It’s not meant to be a todo list and not a task tracker. Just a place to help you decide what to spend free time doing.


This is a project I started that I really want to continue. Every time I open postman I wish I had used kapit instead. Time to update it, improve the code and make it fully usable again!