Goals for 2016

Time to write some new goals for 2016.

1) Blog more

Somehow I’ve not blogged at all since my 2015 goals post… this is bad. Time to fix this for real. Going to make sure I have emacs helpers and will be posting more to the blog.

2) Stop talking over people

I unfortunately have to keep this one on the list. I’m doing better at this than at the beginning of 2015, but it’s not solved yet, or even at a level I’m comfortable with yet.

Edit: I also need to stop repeating myself. I’ll say something three times in ONE sentence without even realizing it. I did this today in a meeting and when my boss let me know it hit me like a hammer. I’ve improved a lot which just means there’s more to go.

You can reference my 2015 post for reference on this goal.

3) Remember to focus on my employees

At work it’s easy to focus on code, and it’s easy to be dragged into meetings all day every day. I need to remember to focus on my employees since that’s the easiest way to get the most work done. This means that I need to delegate code to employees as often as posible. It also means that I need to get myself out of as many meetings as possible so that my time isn’t all taken up.

I’m pretty confident that focusing on this goal is the easiest way to get all of my work goals complete.

4) Keep saving for a house

The goal is to buy a house down here sometime soon, so we need to keep saving!

5) Create a Ember.js app for goal tracking

I want to make a Ember.js app that will help me figure out what to work on when I’m board. This will include telling me that I havn’t practiced drumming in a while, or that I need to play a board game since I haven’t in a while. It will help me keep track of practice for video games as well.

As part of this I want to test out my asset pipeline that I’m making for work as well as learn about Firebase. I will be using it for user login and data storage.

I then want to use this app to track the following mini goals:


Since two of my goals are direct copies from 2015 I felt the need to have a few more. Lets see how many I can get done!