Blizzcon 2014

So this past weekend was Blizzcon 2014 and the announcement of Overwatch seems to have gone very well.

Overwatch was the highlight of the con for me. I was only able to play it a couple of times prior to the con, and got to play the Blizzcon build 3 times during the convention. The game plays great and I can’t wait to get more time on it. Even during frustrating parts of my demo games I was able to see how we would be able to work around it with team comp and strategy.

The new announcement sites for Overwatch and Legacy of the Void are extremely impressive. All of the teams working on these sites keep pushing and making the next better than the last and it shows.

My team is working hard in the background trying to get our platform in place to support all of the data needs that our current and future games (and sites) will need. While we didn’t have any deadlines associated with Blizzcon, we should be ready for some cool features very soon!

I was able to catch the Heroes of the Storm tournament finals between Evil Geniuses and Cloud9 and while I was rooting for EG, it was still a good set of games. Heroes is definitely where most of my gaming time has gone recently and I can’t wait for the new heroes to be released. I really want to try out Sylvanas. The new maps that were shown are also gorgeous.