WWDC 2014 Keynote

I was able to catch most of the WWDC keynote today. We watched it in our bullpen on our projector. I first tried to get work done and eventually gave up and just watched. Lots of cool stuff on the way.

Most excited for …

I’m most excited about continuity, the integration between the next version of OSX and iOS. So many times I don’t want to get up to answer my phone… and now I don’t have to! Being able to open my desktop browser to where I was looking on the my phone (and vice-versa) sounds great.

Other new features that I will be using

Annotating images in mail sounds amazing. I use a third party app for that right now and sometimes if I’m lazy I just don’t annotate. The ability to annotate in the app will be a very welcome feature for me.

I will attempt to use the new spotlight. If it’s fast I’ll ditch launchbar. I mainly use launchbar for app switching and launching so it’s very possible that I’ll have everything I need with the new spotlight. Only time will tell! :smile:

Being able to really SMS message from my laptop is also a welcome feature that I will use. I LOVE the iMessage integration now, and it will only get better.

I’m also going to try out photos and the new iCloud service and see if I can drop other software (like Dropbox).

The big one… Swift

I can’t wait to try out switch. I already love playing with programming languages, and even though I’m a big Objective-C fan… there does come a time where even great languages get too old. Losing ObjC doesn’t mean we lose all of the great stuff that comes from the NextSTEP runtime.

The new language looks fun, but I’m more eager to learn about Apple’s APIs and dev tools that anything else. I’ve never really had time to dedicate to that despite wanting to. Maybe I will in the future! :pray: