Simple bash script to help install my windows environment

Today I made a quick bash script to automate a lot of what I talked about yesterday. You can always find the most recent version of this file in my configs repo but the first draft is also saved to a gist for this blog post.

This is for me to run after I’ve installed git and gotten my home directory and git bash running. It will do the following:

  • Install ctags into ~/opt
  • Checkout the powerline fonts into ~/opt so that I can install them easily
  • Install ConsoleZ into ~/opt
  • Download the vim installer and run it
  • Install the latest version of ConsoleZ/2 settings from my configs repo to the proper AppData location

This script comes with no warranty. Please use it carefully. I can’t be held responsible if it does something horrible to your computer. It was made as a quick timesaver for me to setup new windows boxes for myself and nothing more.