I created a tiny gem to help me out with this blog tonight. It’s call QuickMug and it’s meant to help me out with uploading images to SmugMug.

When I want to upload an image I can now just run:

quickmug upload ESports.jpg Me playing at a Sc2 tournament

QuickMug will upload that image with the specified caption and then return the following as output:

[![Me playing at a Sc2 tournament](http://kelsin.smugmug.com/Other/Blog/i-qcn7dTc/0/Th/ESports-Th.jpg)](http://kelsin.smugmug.com/Other/Blog/i-qcn7dTc/0/L/ESports-L.jpg)

Then if I paste that into my blog I get the following:

Me playing at a Sc2 tournament

I also aliased this to qm so it’s even easier to use!