Rails App Templates

I finally got around to creating a ruby app template. Of course my recent ruby work is not centered around creating new apps but I’m still glad I did it. Will save my some time!

You can read more about app templates or what a great screencast about them at other places. I don’t want to just repeat what others have already said but basically I created one so far and put it up on my github account.

The one question I have is about running this on a server without the haml gem already installed. I don’t really want it to try and install the gem in my home directory so we’ll see how that works out next time I have to do it. For now on my current linode it sets up a new rails project pretty nicely for my needs.

The one other interesting aspect of my template is my config system that I just wrote. It’s only two lines and it’s heavily stealing from other blogs. I never really had a good app config system and I don’t really want to use a plugin so I quickly wrote my own. It basically supports one config file (config/config.yml) and lets you setup default settings and then override / add to the defaults with per environment settings as well. For my wow raiding site this is working pretty well.

Here is the initializer file (config/initializers/config.rb):

CONFIG = YAML.load_file("#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/config.yml") || {}

CONFIG = (CONFIG['default'] || {}).symbolize_keys.merge((CONFIG[RAILS_ENV] || {}).symbolize_keys)

And my config.yml file from my raid site. This site uses a development environment (all defaults) and then two different production environments since I run the site for two different guilds. You can see how the “dota” environment inherits the auth setting while the “cod” environment adds a forum setting that I use when using phpbb authentication.


  guild: Your Guild

  auth: login


  guild: Cake or Death

  forum: http://forum.cakeordeath-guild.com

  auth: phpbb


  guild: Daughters of the Alliance

Pretty simple and now I don’t even have to do anything to new rails projects to use it!