Last Laptop Update

So when arriving at the UPS location there is no one there, and no “front counter” area at all. We eventually drive a couple of places and check out this empty room that has some metal detectors in it but no people. I find a security guy that chuckles at me cause he can’t figure out why anyone on the phone well tell me to come here to pick up a package since like… no one is here.

I call the 1-800 UPS number and get a great guy that puts me right through to his supervisor and the supervisor immediately calls the UPS Center that I was at. He puts me on the direct line with the guy at the center who is like “Cool I’ll come right out” and sure enough he does come out of the building with my laptop.

So after a pretty busy week at work, with lots of laptop woes I do now have the laptop and I’m writing this post from it. Hopefully I didn’t lose any twitter followers in the process! Now to install Logic and get some recording done before the day is over!