Flogging Molly at the House of Blues in Boston, MA

Flogging Molly is great. They are my favorite Irish-Punk (or whatever you want to call it) band that I’ve heard so far. Before too many comments fly my way: I haven’t listened to very many.

The show was excellent and I think I heard every song I wanted to. Most off of Float and Drunken Lullabies as is expected. They sounded great. Lead singers voice was excellent and they definitely showed a ton of energy. I can’t think of anything really negative to say about their performance. It’s what I expected.

I did hate the venue. After looking at the seating layout I assumed it would be like the Palladium and we could go up to the 3rd floor and sit in seats. Turns out the GA tickets don’t let you up to the seats. I don’t know if those tickets were cheaper and I just didn’t know, or if they were more expensive but I don’t think I’d see a show at the House of Blues without getting seats again. We got directed up to the 2nd floor which is just a big U around the main floor. The problem is that due to it’s height above the stage, only people in the first row could see anything (unless you were very tall) and there were about 4 rows of people there.

We eventually found a place to sit where you could only see through the bar railings. There was wall above them creating a awkward area to sit and watch. I guess I’m getting to old for concerts but I was pissed the whole time that I was paying to sit on concrete and watch the band through bars. If the people in front of us didn’t move I would have been crouching the whole time very uncomfortable trying to peer through bars.

Oh well, not to harp ont he venue too much but it’s no Paradise. Like I mentioned above, I will not be paying to see a band here again unless I got seats or the band was a could-not-miss opportunity.

Bottom line is Flogging Molly is really great and I’m very happy that this recent album was so good. I’ve wanted to see them live at some point and I think I got very lucky with the time frame cause I enjoyed the set list a lot, even if the venue sucked!