Custom Zerg Hotkeys

 22 Apr 2011


After hearing Tyler talk about his hotkey setup it made me want to try and create my own as well. We'll see how it goes.

I had no idea where to begin so I'm just going to try and solve large groups of functionality.

My control groups

I have 1-4 being normal control groups and then Q, A, Z and X also being control groups. While playing zerg I'm going to have hatches on A and and queens on Q. When playing other races I'm going to have town halls on Q and rax on A, fac/robo on Z and star's on X. Unit creation buttons stream from this so raz units are sdf and star/fac/robo units are cvb while the macro ability is E. Zerg creep spread is W (on queen and tumor) and larva inject is E.

Unit Control

Right now I put units on 1-4 and us 5 as attack. I don't know if I like this. It can feel clunky. 6 is hold position and ` is patrol. S is stop and M is move (which I don't use). Mainly I can't use A as attack anymore and that's the most ingrained muscle memory I have.

Abilities and Upgrades

Abilities are almost always W, E, R and T. R is used for burrow on all zerg units so normal abilities are W, E and T. Upgrades on buildings are ussually on W, E and R or W, E, S and D. Just kind of grid laid out.


I feel like unit control is really hard right now. I don't like 5 as attack but the only "comfortable" button is A. I think this is only muscle memory though and nothing else. I'm going to try and get used to this 5 thing for now. 

I have no idea if this is worth it or not, I feel almost like I should just go back to classic... don't now. Guess I'll try this for a little bit and change it later if I really don't like it.