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Blizzcon 2014

 12 Nov 2014


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So this past weekend was Blizzcon 2014 and the announcement of Overwatch seems to have gone very well.


 10 Sep 2014



I’ve had to test a lot of OAuth applications recently and would often need proper SSL running on localhost for them. When working on tiny little one page Sinatra or Express apps I didn’t want to learn how to setup each framework to use SSL properly so instead I just use stunnel to do it.

Projectile and Global in Emacs

 09 Sep 2014



Today I started using my Mac at work for java programming. When moving from windows to mac I also wanted to ditch IntelliJ and start using Emacs for java programming. This will definitely require a bunch of custom Emacs helpers in order to help navigate large projects.

WWDC 2014 Keynote

 02 Jun 2014



I was able to catch most of the WWDC keynote today. We watched it in our bullpen on our projector. I first tried to get work done and eventually gave up and just watched. Lots of cool stuff on the way.


 01 Jun 2014



I wanted to see Maleficent ever since I saw the first teaser trailer for basically one reason: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. The trailers looked fantastic and on that criteria… the film delivered. She looked magnificent!