Installing Arch in Virtual Box as a dev environment

Might be trying to move to a linux VM for most of my development at work. More to come in future blog posts about what has gone wrong with my setups during the past few weeks. For now I decided to figure out how hard it would be to get a new setup up and running at home. It was pretty easy so I will be trying this tomorrow at work. I'm using VirtualBox (since it's quick and easy) and have choosen Arch linux since I want this machine to be small and lightening fast.

Install Tmux in Cygwin

Originally I had found this page describing how to install Tmux in cygwin and I was able to accomplish this goal with relative ease. Once I realized that the instructions were dead simple, and that ncurses and libevent appears to already be included in cygwin I wanted to give it another go where I only installed tmux itself from source.

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Switching to Vundle

After only a couple of days I did start finding git submodules annoying (again... who knew?). In order to get them out of my configs I've moved over from pathogen to Vundle. Pathogen lets all of your plugins behave like Mac Apps and line in their own little folders, instead of coexisting with other vim files in a single vim runtime folder (normally ~/.vim). Vundle takes this same approach but manages the git cloneing and updating of these plugins. So instead of autoloading whatever is in a folder, you define what plugins you want and are then able to install/update them from inside git.

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This project is NOT ready for full publication yet... it's also not totally tested by me yet, but I want to write about how it works and how I learned enough vimscript to make it work.

This project is availabe (in it's alpha state) at

It uses another project that I'm working on that generates a .classtags file full of all classes that your java project has access to:

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