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 12 Feb 2016



My wife got me using a new site to keep track of habbits, daily tasks and todos: Habitica

Ideas for side projects

 11 Feb 2016



I wanted to jot down my ideas for projects that I could work on.

Employee Goals

 10 Feb 2016



Starting this year (now that I’ve been a manager for about 3 months) I wanted to get into a groove of having each of my employees maintain 3-4 goals that they continuously work on. These would be goals that shouldn’t really go past a year in length but also should strech for longer than individual projects (and definitely longer than sprints). My current plan is to use Situational Leadership in order to delegate the completion of these goals to my employees.

Git SVN Recovery

 09 Feb 2016



Recently at work I had to checkout a repository that I was previously syncing to an SVN repo. It turns out the SVN history is kept in the commits so I just needed a way to convince git-svn that the current master branch was in fact linked to the SVN repo’s head.

Goals for 2016

 10 Jan 2016



Time to write some new goals for 2016.