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About Me

Christopher Giroir

My nickname online since around 1997 has been Kelsin.


I live in Irvine, CA with my wife Caitlin, my daughter Kerrigan, my two dogs (Grubby and Tcl), and my three cats (Lily, Blurry and Maeby).

I became a dad on August 26th, 2013. Since then my wife and I have been balancing being new parents with our other interests! I can not wait for Kerrigan to get old enough that I can learn about what she's interested in.


Professionally I currently work on game sites and apis for Blizzard Entertainment. I'm part of the Battle.net team. I've previously done a lot of coding in both Tcl and Ruby on Rails. I'm currently learning about Node.js. To see more of what I'm currently experiementing with you can check out my github profile.


I tend to play a few games for a long time (very different from my wife's habbits). I've always been a very big fan of Blizzard games and have been playing them for most of my life. I can also be found on League of Legends (I've spent far too much money on League!)

League of Legends
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