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Pandemic Legacy

We played our first game of Pandemic Legacy the other night and lost it miserably. I feel like I’m very out of shape when it comes to pandemic and this version of the game provides some extra challenges. Only being one game in, I haven’t seen many of the special features of the game but it made me want to play again in a way that pandemic has not done in a long long time!

Twilight Imperium

Today I finally got to play Twilight Imperium for the third time. We only ended up with 4 players so I definitely want to play some more. We also had some expansion stuff mixed in and I’m actually very interested in playing the 6 player game with only the base rules / cards / races. Will probably end up buying my own copy at some point to make that happen.

Warcraft Mahjong Set

Due to my love of board games I’ve always wanted to get a proper Mahjong set but they can be pretty expensive. I knew I would want a nice one. When the Chinese Warcraft set was announced I was very interested but unfortunately couldn’t quite swing the price tag. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t realize that only 1000 were going to be made, and that our US office was only getting 250 of them to sell. Luckily I posted on our internal forums and another employee bought one for a friend who no longer wanted it!

Android: Netrunner Decks - Dinosaurus

I was interested in Android: Netunner since the reimplementation came out. People at work immediately started forming tournaments and game nights around the game and since I love cards games and love the theme I figured I would like it. I immediately bought the core game but didn’t find time to learn how to play until the past few weeks.