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Phone Stolen

Just had my phone stolen out of my car while traveling in Ithaca. Accidentally left the car unlocked (didn’t think I did) and accidentally left the phone in the car.

No iPhone 4S for me...

I would gladly throw my $199 for a new iPhone 4S but according to the apple store website it would cost me $450 currently due to my contract… I hate cell phone contracts. So I guess most current iPhone 4 users won’t be able to upgrade at a reasonable price.

Champions I'm going to try

I’m really interested in trying some AD carries. I’m loving Ashe but want to give Vayne a try. I don’t like Fortuna’s design but I should try her. Last I’m going to try Tristana who I already love but want to play more now that I know more about the game.

Amazing Janna Games

I had some GREAT games last night as Janna in League of Legends. I was playing full support. I would take the AD hero and lane with them. I focused on keeping the enemies away from my partner and shielding him everytime they tried to harass. THE SHIELD IS SO GOOD!I basically nullify any harass. My AD partners weren’t even good! I can’t wait to try this with a GOOD player that can farm!

Bye bye Lowes, Hello Home Depot!

So today in preperation for the hurricane I wanted to buy a new flashlight. When I went to Lowes the salesguy laughed at me and said “A bit late buddy huh?”…