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Trying out POW

So this morning I realized how annoying it is that I need to run 3 different rails apps for work (probably will be more in the future) and have about 3 freelance projects going at any given time. I hate having to start each rails server constantly. I’ve actually written a bunch of bash code in order to make this process easier. Sick of it.

Heroku Config Variables

Deploying on Heroku is such a breeze! I love the way they take care of my database.yml file so I can just keep a clean version in my open source repo!

Git Tech Talk

We’ve started up doing Tuesday Tech Talks at work and I got to go first by talking about git. We use git to store all of the code I work with. For the people working directly with me this was mostly review. The rest of the co-workers span the gammit on knowledge. For this reason I tried to go pretty low level in some cases, and also span a huge list of topics. My main goal is that sometime in the future, when they are using git, they will think of one part of my presentation and look up the needed info to implement or incorporate that idea into their work. Whether it’s as simple as rebasing to clean up their code before commiting it to a dev branch, or adding the git branch name to their prompt.

Progress with the Kinesis

So the new keyboard is not working out so great but probably due to bad decisions I’ve made along the way.

New work layout


Last week I finally ordered a Kinesis keyboard off of Amazon. When I got it I also made the horrible decision to try dvorak! Its going slowly to say the least.

Regardless I love the keyboard! Enter and backspace were made to be under your thumbs for sure. As you can see in the photo I'm also trying out a trackball. Havn't used one of those in years.

My plan for emacs is not to do anything. I'm just going to use standard keybindings for now. Emacs bindings are already not based on key location so I'm not worried. I'll make a new post if I make any config changes.