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Goals for 2014

This morning I made a post about some productivity changes I’m making in 2014… or at least I posted about a lot of systems that I’m going to try and keep up with to see if they help. I did not talk a lot about why I’m trying these systems. Bullet Journal, Pomodoro and Scrum for my life sounds great… but what am I trying to fix by doing them?

2014 Changes

I don’t normally do resolutions. I think I like the idea that I could change things at any time, not just at the new year. Regardless the change of a year is a good time to make changes especially in regards to productivity. I had a nice winter break in order to look into new systems to try both at work and at home in the coming months.


I created a tiny gem to help me out with this blog tonight. It’s call QuickMug and it’s meant to help me out with uploading images to SmugMug.

Android: Netrunner Decks - Dinosaurus

I was interested in Android: Netunner since the reimplementation came out. People at work immediately started forming tournaments and game nights around the game and since I love cards games and love the theme I figured I would like it. I immediately bought the core game but didn’t find time to learn how to play until the past few weeks.

Creating new MySql databases

I ALWAYS forget how to create new mysql databases… it’s horrible. I do this so infrequently which means I also have to google everytime it comes up.